Please note that all times are listed in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

Start Time (GMT) End Time (GMT) Presentation
Day 1: November 10
10:00 10:15 Introduction
10:15 11:45 Keynote: Mohammad Reza Mousavi - Chair: Ana Cavalli
Coffee Break 11:45-12:00
Session 1: Green (12:00-13:30)(1hr 30m) - Chair: Wojciech Mostowski
12:00 12:25 Improving model inference via W-set reduction
Moritz Halm, Rafael Braz, Roland Groz, Catherine Oriat and Adenilso Simao
12:25 12:50 libfsmtest - An Open Source Library for FSM-based Testing
Jan Peleska, Moritz Bergenthal, Niklas Krafczyk and Robert Sachtleben
12:50 13:15 Mining Precise Test Oracle Modelled by FSM
Omer Nguena Timo
13:15 13:30 Session 1 Q&A (Questions and Answers for all papers presented in session 1)
Lunch Break 13:30-15:00
Session 2: Blue (15:00-16:30)(1hr 30m) - Chair: Hector Menendez
15:00 15:25 Combining Holistic Source Code Representation with Siamese Neural Networks for Detecting Code Clones
Smit Patel and Roopak Sinha
15:25 15:50 On the Quality of Network Flow Records for IDS Evaluation: a Collaborative Filtering Approach
Marta Catillo, Andrea Del Vecchio, Antonio Pecchia and Umberto Villano
15:50 16:15 Robustness Analysis of Deep Learning Frameworks on Mobile Platforms
Amin Eslami Abyane and Hadi Hemmati
16:15 16:30 Session 2 Q&A (Questions and Answers for all papers presented in session 2)
Coffee Break 16:30-16:45
16:45 18:15 Keynote: Konstantin (Kostya) Serebryany - Chair: Natalia Kushik
18:15 19:00 Welcoming Session Reception - with Live Music from Patricia Hammond & Andrea Kmecova - Taster here!
Day 2: November 11
10:00 10:15 Introduction
Session 3: Red (10:15-11:45)(1hr 30m) - Chair: Jan Peleska
10:15 10:40 Locality-based Test Selection for Autonomous Agents
Sina Entekhabi, Wojciech Mostowski, Mohammad Reza Mousavi and Thomas Arts
10:40 10:55 GROOT: A GDPR-based Combinatorial Testing Approach
Said Daoudagh and Eda Marchetti
10:55 11:10 Metamorphic Testing of Logic Theorem Prover
Oliver Tazl and Franz Wotawa
11:10 11:25 Session 3 Q&A (Questions and Answers for all papers presented in session 3)
Coffee Break 11:25-12:00
Session 4: Orange (12:00-13:20)(1hr 20m) - Chair: William Langdon
12:00 12:15 Specification and validation of numerical algorithms with the Gradual Contracts Pattern
René Fritze and Stephan Rave
12:15 12:30 Creation of Human-friendly Videos for Debugging Automated GUI-Tests
Jianwei Shi and Kurt Schneider
12:30 12:45 Solving the instance identification problem in micro-service testing
Theofanis Vassiliou-Gioles
12:45 13:00 Automatic test generation with Asmeta for the Mechanical Ventilator Milano controller
Andrea Bombarda, Silvia Bonfanti and Angelo Gargantini
13:00 13:20 Session 4 Q&A (Questions and Answers for all papers presented in session 4)
Next Conference Intro: Almeria 2022 - 13:20-13:30 - Manuel Nunez & David Clark
Lunch Break 13:30-14:40
Session 5: Yellow (14:40-16:30)(1hr 50m) - Chair: Manuel Nunez
14:40 15:05 Reverse-Engineering EFSMs with Data Dependencies
Michael Foster, John Derrick and Neil Walkinshaw
15:05 15:30 Initial Results on Counting Test Orders for Order-Dependent Flaky Tests using Alloy
Wenxi Wang, Pu Yi, Sarfraz Khurshid and Darko Marinov
15:30 15:55 Using Ant Colony Optimisation to Select Features having Associated Costs
Alfredo Ibias, Luis Llana and Manuel Núñez
15:55 16:10 Testing against non-deterministic FSMs: a probabilistic approach for test suite minimization
Natalia Kushik, Nina Yevtushenko and Jorge Lopez
16:10 16:30 Session 5 Q&A (Questions and Answers for all papers presented in session 5)
Coffee Break 16:30-16:45
Project Reports (16:45-18:15) (1hr 30m) - Chair: David Clark
16:45 17:00 H2020 DIGITbrain – Advanced Digital Twins for Manufacturing
Antonio M. Ortiz, Jeanett Bolther, Carolina Salas, Luong Nguyen and Monika Racoczy
17:00 17:15 Definition and Assessment of Security and Service Level Agreements
Huu Nghia Nguyen and Edgardo Montes de Oca
17:15 17:30 Attack configuration Engine for 5G networks
Zujany Salazar, Huu Nghia Nguyen, Wissam Mallouli and Edgardo Montes de Oca
17:30 17:45 The BIECO Conceptual Framework Towards Security and Trust in ICT Ecosystems
Ricardo Silva Peres, Lilian Adkinson, Emilia Cioroaica, Eda Marchetti, Enrico Schiavone, Sara Matheu, Ovidiu Cosma, Radoslaw Piliszek and Jose Barata
17:45 18:00 Industrial Machine Learning for Enterprises (IML4E)
Jürgen Großmann and Jukka K. Nurminen
18:00 18:15 NLP-based Testing and Monitoring for Security Checking
Andrey Sadovykh, Zujany Salazar, Wissam Mallouli, Dragos Truscan, Eduard Paul Enoiu, Rosa Iglesias and Olga Hendel
Closing 18:15-18:30